Nano Sculpture by Osman Akan

Nano Sculpture by Osman Akan

Nano Sculpture by Osman Akan

Nano Sculpture by Osman Akan

Nano Sculpture by Osman Akan

Osman Akan Nano

© 2013 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Permanent commission
Site specific installation

commissioning agency: MVEDGE / SculptureSpace
commission year: 2013
realization: August 2014

State Unv. of New York Nano technology Center / NY
SUNY Art Collection

more information about the Nanocenter:

Materials:  Carbon steel, colored coating

An interview with Monika Burczyk, Executive Director of SculptureSpace

Osman Akan’s latest sculpture Nano has been installed at the new Nanocenter at the State University of New York Institute of Technology.  New sculpture was commissioned in 2013 by the Sculpture Space and funded by MVEDGE. Akan designed and produced the sculpture during 2014 for the new Nanocenter that sits on 420+ acres and has partial funding and partnerships with corporations such as GlobalFoundries, ASML, Applied Materials, G450C, IBM, and Tokyo Electron. 

Primary focus behind the artwork is to reference the idea of scale by using sculpture as an apparatus of augmentation. Akan enlarges the hexagonal forms of carbon nano structures to a scale of natural human perception, and references the process of human intervention by changing the properties of the geometry that gives form to the artwork. In fact the entire sculpture was cut out of thin carbon steel sheets that were parametrically calculated, laser cut and welded. Perforated inner polygons of the hexagonal forms aid in the structural integrity and the artwork stands on its own without the need of additional support.

With its concave and convex surfaces “Nano” continues to reflect Osman Akan’s fascination with forms that embody several states of being.



Osman Akan - "NANO", Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Marcy, NY from Sculpture Space, Inc. on Vimeo.