© 2004 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Video Installation
projected, randomized video loop.
720 x 480 NTSC DV

a section from the interview with A. Zeynep Kun
Trendsetter Magazine; No: 07 Volume 03
Photograph: Aron Show Alter

what does an explosion mean to you?

An explosion suggests an imbalance. It also signifies an inward or outward movement that happens beyond our control. However, to explain an explosion simply as an “action-reaction” would be wrong in a post 9/11 era. My video work tries to stretch the moment of explosion, which is very short, and hold the audience in it for awhile. The text, (texts appear in almost all of my work), tells the story of a man who watches a city where the explosions are happening. The city in this case is any city of the twentieth century. He watches helplessly, as we all do in facing an explosion-- which is the very nature of explosions.

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