Hang On Dots
© 2003 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Virtual Sculpture consists of
7 etchings on paper


Mar. 2004

Consisting of 7 etchings that contain 7 coordinates in relation to each other, Hang on Dots is an attempt to install a large sculpture in to a building without the need to break walls.

It was driven from the curator’s wish to ask for more than one piece from each artist who participated in the show, scattering these pieces around the building-- thus diverting the audience’s attention to the building rather than to individual artists.

At first it appears simplistic: a game we played as kids perhaps, connect-the-dots to solve the puzzle, follow the numbers and find the shape. It is indeed simple from this point of view; however, this time when the dots are connected they form a volume. What was not as easy, on the other hand, was determining the coordinates. The form of the sculpture was also related to the concept of the exhibition. Perhaps more than anything else, the curators wanted to bring attention to the building because they were attempting to raise funds to renovate it. In a way it was an attempt to save the building. So as one of the “savers”, I decided to put myself into a box (the building) and hold it from inside as though trying to prevent it from collapsing. The information I gathered from these sketches later was fed into a 3D computer program to calculate the minimum amount of points needed to support the box from collapsing; I used Bezier curves to accurately connect the dots. Later the X,Y and Z coordinates and the function curves became the 7 points, that if connected, would recreate the sculpture in any desired size.

Hang on Dots aims to put the idea of artist as the metaphorical creator of these points, these relationships. As long as they are connected by the given formula, the result would always be the same, independent of the burden of factors such as size and distance.