Don't Shoot, artwork by Osman Akan

Don't Shoot, artwork by Osman Akan

Don't Shoot, artwork by Osman Akan

Don't Shoot, artwork by Osman Akan

Don't Shoot
© 2013 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

dimensions: w:95" h:101.25" d:1"

March 14- May 2nd 2013

Sublime Porte: Art and Contemporary Turkey

Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery/Sun Yat Sen Hall, St. John’s University, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY 11439


Captured black and white movie still reconstructed utilizing color postcards. Once a 3dimensional live action movie set, captured through the lens of a camera that reduced it to the size of a film frame, later became 2 dimensional and digitized in to pixels. Such an influence of technology transforms volumes to shapes and landscapes to surfaces.

In this work Osman Akan references this cinematic play and reconstructs a scene from a film noir movie using Pantone postcards. Pantone Corporation, whose swatches became the global standard in defining colors from print to online media and from textiles to animated movies, released a selection of their colors as a box of 100 postcards. Akan processed these postcards; covering them with resin to further reference the idea of a tile; a surface that is 3 dimensional. As if looking at a postcard of a distant place that no longer exists, he hopes to colorize a scene looking at a high contrast movie still that is stripped of its colors and recorded as pure light.

In order to match the size of the postcards image resolution was reduced. This process enlarged the size of each pixel until each square became a tile on its own; where the overall image was no longer legible. Here a typical relationship to an artwork is reversed. In order to see the detail of the image audience would have to get themselves further from the artwork. So much so that an apparatus is needed. Audience will be able to see the image clear again when they look through the camera of their cellular phones.

movie information:
title: A touch of Evil
director: Orson Welles
release date: 8 June 1958