QT audio: Claustrophonic

filesize: 2.2 MB
16000 Hz - 8 bit - Stereo
duration: 00:01:11



© 2002 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Audio installation
Stereo audio loop
Mini disc


Claustrophonic is an audio recording of the artists foot steps and of calling his name. The name "Osman" is recorded in two different pronunciations; one in the original Turkish and another more Americanized sound "Ozmen." Thus creating two separate walking personas calling each other in different ways. Two stereo channels are revolved using Bi-aural filters creating a feeling of depth, enable the personas to walk freely and call each other in random intervals in the acoustic chamber of the listeners head. Aim of the installation is to position the listeners and provoke the idea of Boolean structure of two circular sounds leading to synergic understanding of multi-cultural identities.