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© 2012 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"
United States Copyright Office VA 1-910-947

Permanent commission
Site specific installation

dimensions: w:22' h:27' d:71'

lat: 61°10'43.26"N
long: 149°47'39.16"W
Anchorage / Alaska

State of Alaska Public Art Collection.


Perhaps more than the mountainous terrain and the highly fetishized wildlife, the sun is the unique force behind declaring Alaska “the final frontier.” Sometimes a constant and other times a void over the Northern Sky, light rays determine life in this sub-arctic location. 

Light plays a pivotal role in forensic research as well. Often clues come alive by using various light sources and filters that block and reveal certain rays. In short, it is by using light that we can see what is otherwise hidden to our bare eyes. Departing from this point, the concept for the Alaska Crime Lab Project started with a reflection on the idea of forensics, the type of processes that are performed at the lab, and the meaning of a site-specific artwork for this location.

As an attempt to capture some of the qualities of the light in this particular location, Fragmenta utilizes filters that allow the artwork to change its appearance and colors based on the position of the sun, artificial lighting and the viewing angle of its audience. As part of its concept, Fragmenta will change its appearance as the conditions change from long days to long nights, from green of the summer to white cover of the winter in Alaska.

The interplay between the transparent glass panels and stainless steel panels that are impenetrable by light rays depicts the gathering, clarifying and organizing of information. In the square shape of a computer pixel, the scattered tiles of the artwork are dynamic and turbulent but also clear and meditative.

I hope that the audience of Fragmenta will find new and exciting clues every time they gaze upon the artwork.

Osman Akan
July 2012



Alaska State Council on the Arts